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We would only like to engage ourselves with the members of Focus that played together with both Jan Akkerman and Thijs van Leer, so during the time period of '69 until '76.


Thijs van Leer: Founded the band and gave it it's name in '69.

Before that he was part of a Trio with his own name.

Instruments: Hammondorgan, keyboard, mellotron, flute and vocals.

Was also of great influence to the sound of ths band.

Tried  several times in vain to reform the band after '76.


Jan Akkerman: Co founder of the band.

Played before in Brainbox and before that Hunters, Cellar Rockers, Friendship Sextet.

Instruments: Electrical- and acoustic guitar, lute.

Was very significant for the sound of the band.

Was elected best guitarist in '73.

Left the band in '76 to come to his senses.


Hans Cleuver: first drummer of the band

Was in the same Trio with Thijs van Leer.


Martijn Dresden: first base player of the band.

Also came from the Trio Thijs van Leer.


Pierre van der Linden: Replaced Hans Cleuver on drums in '71 .

Had been together with Jan Akkerman in Brainbox and the Cellar Rockers.


Cyriel Havermans: Came in '71 to replace Martijn Dresden on base guitar.

Was replaced himself  a year later by:


Bert Ruiter: Was a bandmember from '72 until the end in '78.

Came from the band Full House and before that the band of Herman van Veen.


Colin Allen: Came to join the band as a drummer for over a year in '74.

Had played before in bands like John Mayall and Stone the Crows.

Was  replaced by Pierre van der Linden during a worldtour in '75.


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