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Some interesting links concerning Focus and the ex bandmembers:



Dutch/English site by Jan himself and some Dutch fans

For lots of items concerning the world's best guitarist, like MP3's, Gigs and Bookings


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Homepage van Advanced Warning

English/Dutch site made by Herbert Noord

Concerning one of Pierre van der Linden's present bands


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Website van Arrow Classic Rock

Dutch site of the only Dutch station that plays songs of Focus, Brainbox and the Hunters every day

You can listen to it through Internet in Real Audio


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Ferry's Musicbase

Dutch site containing a comprehensive database on  Dutch popular music    


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FOCUS Tribute Homepage

English/Portugese site made by Rodrigo Mantovani from Sao Paulo, Brazil


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Homepage van pianist/componist/arrangeur Mike del Ferro

Dutch / English site made by Mike del Ferro

With whom Thijs van Leer regularly makes music


Red Bullet Productions

Nederlands-Engelstalige website van de platenmaatschappij die onlangs (feb. '01) het oeuvre van Focus opnieuw heeft uitgebracht


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